Kaspersky protection addon not working

KL working on this addon to make it compatible but it is chromium and on Chrome for example works on Brave not why?

Also there exists trick rename Brave.exe to Chrome.exe then will this addon working fine.

After each Brave update i must go to program files and rename it from Brave to Chrome.

This is only on KL side or can be fixed from Brave side?

And also kaspersky password manager addon works with Brave.exe but when i rename to Chrome.exe then not working :thinking::grin::smiling_imp:

So Brave.exe file works KPM (password manager) but kaspersky protection not working…

Chrome.eye file password manager not working but kaspersky protection addon working.

It is one or two. I must decide which plugin i want use :pensive: if i want bothe of these i must install other browser… Firefox for example.

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