Brave and Kaspersky Password Manager Compatability

Hi there! I am tired of google Chrome and other internet browsers!

Brave is so much faster and I believe what the people who developed it and support it stand for. With that being said I have never been able to have it automatically use Kaspersky Password manager at all. It just doe not work.

I am guessing there is nothing that can be done regarding this?

Kasperky Password Manager allows users to save all their passwords in one location and turn them on and off. For email, banking and so on, it is encrypted so it is not hackable very easily.

Please let me know if there is anything that can be done in this regard to make it work while browsing with Brave. I am guessing Brave blocks it?

Hi @Fraser81,
Which Brave version that you use and your OS?


If you have a version above Brave 0.25, you can install it from the Chrome Store (with which Brave is compatible):

However, I have also heard that some extensions seem to be adapted to Chrome only(?)
Therefore it could come to problems - but not necessarily!

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