[Fix Request] Extensions tab get into the Password Manager in Settings

Please fix an error that make Extensions tab get into the Password Manager in Settings.
And make Kaspersky extensions support Brave if you can.
Thank you very much Brave!

@Night_Watcher see Visual bug in font settings. Fix will be available with 0.65.x release.

If they have Chrome extension, then you can use it on Brave too. Brave support extension install from Chrome Web Store.

Hey, @eljuno, I have both Kaspersky Internet Protection and Kaspersky Password Manager installed on Brave but neither of them work. I’ve seen other topics from 2018 about this exactly same problem and it seems like Brave didn’t reach any solution yet. It’s possible to install the extensions but they simply won’t work. I read something saying that Brave needs some sort of approval from Kaspersky.
I would really love to see it working soon.
Any ideas?

That’s what shows up!!

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