Kaspersky Password Manager and Brave

Has anyone has success with usingKaspersky Password manager with any edition of Brave? I am able to install it, but unable to get it to actually work. The closest I get is the extension repeatedly asking for password. I have seen several previous requests and claimed follow-ups here, but they’ve all apparently been abandoned:

  1. Kaspersky password manager , {post #5326 & 6511} hints as git-hub fix, or something, but now 404.
  2. Kaspersky Password Manager Extension, does not work with Brave States that work / fix in the works, but closed 6 months later -Oct 18
  3. Brave and Kaspersky Password Manager Compatability Notes that you can install it, but doesn’t address compatibility issues -Nov 18
    Should we simply assume given the above that this will not be supported, or abandoned, or is there a problem with Kaspersky? I think there is a genuine desire for this, as hinted by the 1471 combined views on these posts.
    Thanks Team!

Nope no idea really like this browser but might have to quit on it because of this it is kinda annoying had to make an account just to talk about this and see users complaining on it for months with no official support or any idea about the situation .

I guess since Kaspersky is a security company, they will check which browsers their products are supposed to work with.

As a customer, you can’t complain that certain things happen differently or incorrectly in Brave, for example, than in Firefox - keyword security vulnerabilities.

As a solution, you could contact Kaspersky to have them make their extensions available in Brave as well.

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