Antivirus softwares that supports brave

Hi all, I’ve been using brave for nearly 3 years, all is great, but lately i purchased Norton antivirus and noticed they do not support live internet surfacing protection for Brave browser, and i didnt notice before as i was using Windows defender…So my question, is there antivirus companies that support brave? whats the solution? they support nearly all other browsers.

I have used AVG, and currently using Kaspersky Security Cloud.

Since you bought Norton, you should ask them directly why they aren’t supporting Brave. Brave is based on Chromium so it’s interesting to hear from them.

I asked them in a live chat, they simply replied its not supported.
So kaspersky is working with Brave live protection ah? You have extention for it in brave?

I don’t know what has changed with Kaspersky Protection extension but it seems to not be working in Brave as of the moment. When I installed Kaspersky Security Cloud on my PC, I had to personally uninstall the extension, which was working back then, I could easily tell that because search results were shown with a little green shield next to them.

Despite the extension not working in Brave for some reason, you still have a Web Anti-Virus module and a Network Attack Blocker module.

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