Never recieved February Payout


I have not received my February payout as of now. I checked on it a few days ago and it said something like “February payout will be arriving in 2 days” and then when I check on it the two days later it said something “you’re ___ tokens are on the way”, but this was all said a few days ago. So I’m curious as to what has happened with my tokens because they were supposed to be on the way but have not shown up in my gemini account? My account is still connected to brave so I assume it’s not a connection issue. This problem has not happened before.

@kaylamarie this is normal activity overall. The notification banner we see advises us of the status of Brave sending payments. When it vanishes or they tell us it’s been sent. Then Gemini receives what brave sends (which is actually called vBAT) and they convert it to BAT that gets deposited into our accounts.

Sometimes in this process we can see it appear in our account only to vanish again, then reappear a few hours (or days) later. It’s annoying but it’ll be the monthly thing. Sometimes it comes right away and you’re happy. Other months, it might not appear until around the 18th or so.

I’m not sure how the weekend plays a part in it processing, but normally I’d say you would get it by tomorrow most likely. But if the weekend does slow it down, expect it in a couple more days (as it is Saturday night now)

Hi @kaylamarie, Uphold payments will continue processing through today.

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