Don't received my BAT on january (transaction completely disappeared ) + my current bat counter for february is blocked

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my January payouts. 4 days ago, I saw a message “your payment is in progress”. I had around 1,1 BAT in “estimated income” at the end of january. But unfortunately, I saw yesterday that this message completely disappeared and my brave account has 0 BAT.
For information, I have an unverified wallet (so my problem is not related to Verified Uphold wallets).
Furthermore, my BAT counter is completely blocked since 3 days…

I hope someone can help me solve my problem… (very disappointed with the non-existent support from brave)

Thank you in advance.

Same thing happens to me. I just have received first payment in December 2021. Since that month I have no receive any rewards. What should we do to get or rewards???
Looking forward for the solution.
Thank you

Unfortunately, only mods can look up the status of a given rewards wallet and be able to fix it so the only way is to dm them and provide the appropriate info.

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