It pains me to admit that Brave is not a good daily driver

I have been using Brave exclusively for close to a year and over the past week I have become aware that some of my technical issues were caused by Brave.

-Some sites not remembering that I am registered requiring 2 factor authentication every time I log in no matter how many time I select “remember me”, “this is my personal computer”, “don’t’ ask again”,etc.

-Trying to retrieve usernames and passwords when additional authentication steps are required consistently fails on random sites.

-Trying to transfer money to another bank account when an additional authentication step is required fails.

-Probably a dozen other random things that I didn’t realize were browser related.

There was also the other issue that I brought up a few months ago when my computer got hacked. The way the sync system works in Brave makes it uniquely possible for someone to steal literally everything and make their copy of Brave exactly like my copy of brave.

I posted about this after it happened and received a lot of condescension.

Yes I understand that when someone gains access to your computer, it is never a good thing, but would it be too much to require farther authentication before cloning my browser and all of the personal information it contains to another computer?

Some of the problems you describe might be direct results of Brave’s privacy mechanisms interfering with badly coded sites. If some single-signon-service relies on 3rd party cookies, for example. Those can’t be fixed browser-side without crippling security, so if you can’t live with it, you’ll will have to use a browser that allows websites to spy on you. On the other hand, I never had problems with staying logged in or 2fa. If this happens to you all the time, the most likely explaination is that you told Brave to delete cookies or other browser data on exit.

And how would that work? If you got “hacked” (which is usually a direct result of being careless) and the attacker can access your files, they can copy your browser profile as well, with or without sync.

We do appreciate the feedback. For what it’s worth, I would love to help assist you with these issues if you can open different threads for each individual issue (otherwise trying to handle to many different issues in one thread gets messy very quickly).

Thank you

I use Brave all day long and don’t have those problems. For me, that only happens if the browser was closed (the session is gone and you would have to authenticate again).
Or after computer update.

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