It has been exactly 1 month since the problems started

Lots of people like me complain about not being able to solve our problems. I open a topic many times in a one month. You have Brave updated many times in 1 month. These updates did not resolve any issues. Although I see ads, I cannot get paid (my BAT amount is the same for a month) You haven’t paid the amount of BAT you have to pay, it’s been a month. When will you keep the promises you said? I’ve sent dm to Steeven 4 times. I wrote all the necessary information in the message. Stop telling users excuses, find solutions. If you are unable to do what you are saying, state this clearly. Let’s install Adblock and continue using any browser.
NOTE: I live in Turkey. As you know, Turkey is not in good shape economically - 1 dollar = 8 Turkish lira- i need this payments.

@steeven no progress?

Hi @hhuseyin, as mentioned several times, the fix that was released worked for some users but not for others. The team is currently investigating the root cause of this. Updates for the issue can be tracked in this thread - Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet. As soon as we know more it will be posted there. Thank you for your patience,

Hi @hhuseyin, I saw you post in Troy802’s thread about your issue. I’m replying to you here in your thread so you can keep this seen if your problems continue - it’s easier for Support to help you this way :slight_smile:

@steeven pinned a payout status about 8 hours or so ago:

Go ahead and read it, and see if you need to check anything. I would then wait til the end of the week/ next week to see if you have some improvement; if not, you can send a DM with your details and the information they ask for in that post.
Good luck!

Edit: If you’re a Creator, payments start processing a week after non-Creators, I believe.

Thank you for your comment.I go into the brave community almost every day, looking at topics. For me, for 1 month, everything is the same, no progress. I will continue to send dm. I hope Brave keeps his promise and doesn’t victimize users who have problems like me. I’m not a creator, just expecting to earn 5-10 dollars a month. I am a person living in a country whose economy is not very good.

Hi @hhuseyin, I understand it’s frustrating, but wait till the process has finished before DMing steeven - your problem may even be resolved then. :crossed_fingers:

If you still have this problem after the process is done, use a DM thread you’ve already sent him and just edit/ update the information in it (following the instructions in that ^post). If he gets multiple DMs from you and others, it floods his inbox and slows down his ability to help us.

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