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From the start of March i did not get any ads and did not get paid for what i still have on the web browser. The next payment have been set for the june 6 which should be the may 6. I’ve been waiting cause i thought it will do this for only one month but it didnt change for now.

Hi @Zarecke, here are a few things that may help you…

Right now, payout process is happening, that is why you see a change in the payout date. You can follow the progress here:

Or here, if you’re a Creator:

Read, check your device is set up correctly (latest browser version), and follow for any updates. If you feel you’re still having some issues after the process has completed, follow the instructions in the second half of that post.

In the meantime, you can check if you’re set up optimally for receiving ads notifications…

For a better understanding on Brave Ads (all OS):

Troubleshooting notification settings on Win10:

And more troubleshooting tips (all OS):

You can also see what ad campaigns are currently running in your region here:

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