Issue with Brave on IOS, recently started

Trying to visit a webmail site, and was getting ‘Unknown error’ when attempting to post email/password. After review of System logs, it was noticed that the URL was called, and a 200 reponse code generated, but it appeared that Brave passed ‘empty’ values for the form. This was difficult to trouble shoot, but it did work when disabling fully ‘Block tracers and ads’. After further testing, it was narrowed down to ‘Block Cookie Content Notices’. However, this site does not generate any form of Cookie Content Notices. We could not reproduce from Brave on Linux, so this looks to only affect IOS, and it is unlikely that this will be easy for others to bypass, so would like to file a bug… Version 1.61.1 is installed…

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please tell me what specific site you were experiencing this issue on?

Do you have a private direct email to share that information with? And we will have to provide you a ‘test’ account probably.

I can send you a DM here in Community that can only be accessed/seen by you and I.

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