Cookie notice issue on

These screens show the problem - Brave has missing part with essential links.

The site is

@Kevin83 Thanks for sharing. It seems like what’s happening is Brave Shields is attempting to hide the cookie notice as it does for most sites, but this one is keeping a frame open until accepted or rejected. You can drop Shields to hit Aceept All or Reject All and then enable again if you like, which will resolve the issue at this time.

That said, I’m sure Fanboynz will look into it and modify filter in a bit.

Thanks! I don’t understand your suggestion about Shields settings. I don’t see that option in Settings/Shields. (I’m no expert in Brave, I just like to use it!)

If you add the following into brave://adblock (custom rules) @Kevin83

Does that work well with the site?

I don’t find brave://adblock on my machine!

The problem is solved if I disable “Trackers & ads blocking”!
I shouldn’t have to of course.

Open brave://settings/shields/filters

then add in the custom rules, save and reload website with shields up.

Thanks - that worked!

The site works? no issues when logged in?

Sure - no probs, all as normal. Thanks

Patch will roll out to everyone in the next 24hrs.

That is only the English site. You also need to do it for Welsh:

His github is for the entire domain, so pretty sure it will roll out. But glad you’re sharing just in case. I’ll tag @fanboynz just to make sure he can confirm that for us. (sorry to bother ya Fanboynz)

The patch will cover all domains *.

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