Issue with ads while having multiple profiles

Is there anything like, having multiple profiles will effect the ads you get for each profile on a single machine??

Eg: I’ve windows 10 pc and installed Brave Beta.

Created 3 profiles. After the creation of 2nd profile ads were stopped getting in the main profile. But they used to come regularly in 2nd profile.

Like same was happened with my 3rd. After creating the new, ads got stopped coming in 2nd profile.

@Mattches @Aa-ron @steeven

Do you have more than one of those profiles open/running at the same time?

Yes @Mattches , mostly I use the primary profile. As Im not able to get ads in it. I’m keeping them open for hours.

Daily I use the primary profile for more than 12 hrs.

But no ads since starting of August.

Having multiple profiles should not have any effect on seeing Ads. That said, I would recommend only having one profile open a time to isolate the issue.

But these profiles were created recently. By the end of August or may be after 15th of August.

I tried using only one browser (primary browser) though I didn’t get ads :sleepy:

All profile ads gonna sync after some time…

Oh :astonished:

Let us see what happens :roll_eyes::thinking:

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