After I added a 2nd profile, Brave Ads and Brave Rewards stopped working

I use Brave on my work device (MacOS), and for months I successfully received brave ads and rewards without any problems. About 2 weeks ago, I set up a 2nd profile on my brave browser to separate my work browsing from personal browsing. I connected my 2nd profile to the same wallet as my original profile, and since then I have received zero ads and zero rewards on either profile. What gives?

BAT isn’t paid out until the 5th of every month?

I mean that I’m no longer receiving any Brave Ads, my Brave Ads history is empty for the past two weeks, and my rewards dashboard is showing no new rewards for the same two weeks.

On the 2nd account click on the top right where you can check history etc, and click “Brave Rewards” above history. Under the “Ads” section to the right next to the toggle switch should be a settings button when you hover over it. It should say “Ad settings” click that. After that how many ads are you allowing it to run an hour?

Thanks for the reply! I’ve actually been set to the max 5 per hour on both profiles from the start, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

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