Having problem with 2 profiles at the same time

So, for some reason I don’t recall I created a second profile on brave, the problem is that I first I was receiving ads only on my second profile (note that I started using this reward system since yesterday, note 2; I didn’t use this profile much), I was about to make a cliche thread complaining on not receiving ads, but the problem seems to be more specific with me…
Today I reseted Brave to normal English (Non-US) and right after an add popped for me on my main profile, after a couple of minutes appeared 2 ads at the same time for both my Main and my Second profile, but most of the time it’s popping for the second profile on my main browser, and of course opening a new tab for it.

I also want to highlight that I tried storing the wallet code of my second profile on my first, and it worked, wondering if it would fix the problem. And is it okay to do that?
Also, if I wanna synch my wallet in other device, should I use the backup code of my Main or my Second?

If all that said, is this problem solvable? Or does it work that way?
Also, is it possible to remove profiles?


If you have the same wallet for both profiles, the ads you view will only count once for one of them (likely whichever one is active at the time it’s served). This should be okay to do. However, I’m confused about what you mean when you say:

Can you clarify this a bit for me?


:point_up: Use your backup from the main profile (where the wallet was originally created). It would probably be fine to use either, but that’s the route I’d go.

Well it seems like the wallet has become just as one yeah. Both seem to have the same number of BATs.
But I’m still having problems with receiving ads, apparently, I need to “touch” my second profile as well… As I said, I’m new with this, and need to find out what’s the real problem.
But it seems the amount of clicks doens’t really matter, for example I click in an ad that pops for my second profile and gain 0.1 BAT there, then later on I click an ad that pops in my main and gain 0.1 BAT on the main profile, but I keep with 0.1 BAT’s in both, not 0.2, aren’t they supposed to be linked?

[quote=“Mattches, post:2, topic:100756”]

Can you clarify this a bit for me?

[/quote]Like, I’m browsing my main profile, and some of the ads I reveived opened a new window for my second profile, even though I’m browsing my main. Understand now?
And by the way that keeps happening, my second profile has more BATs right now, even though I don’t use it. but I feel like it will be adjusted tommorow or after I reset Brave, I will see that later.
Also, would be recomemdable cleaning my browsing history…? Or at least cookies?

Thanks, luckly I saved both of them.
Would it be recomedable backing it up on my second profile then? Maybe it could resolve the problem.

PS: The quote system doesn’t seem okay… And sorry for the mess and confusion…!

Apologies for the wait.
So it looks like this is actually a known issue:

I’ve added your report to that github thread for the developers to review.

Thanks the reply!
And I say the same sorry for the wait.

I want to report that even If I don’t touch the second, the ads will come eventually, but after a long time after me browsing. That’s what has been happening to me.

Now I will do as Lauren says. but what does she mean with “Clean Profile”?

A clean profile means that you simply need to create a new browsing profile, as it will have no prior browsing/cache/site data and is a good way to test and rule out certain issues.

Well, sure the issue is I’ve got my old profile before, and I don’t mean to lose it, and then I created my second profile after a while. What should be recommended to do then? Cleaning the the history? If I do that, would it also clean the wallet?

PS: I’ve done what was prescribed, and it didn’t work out, but I can keep trying.
Note : The ADS will come eventually regardless after 8+ hours(ish) browising…

And sorry for late reply again!

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