Brave not syncing with uphold account for accumulated rewards

Hello. I am experiencing the same relative issue. I have been a Brave user since I first heard about it, and set my uphold account up last year. My rewards since then have transferred over, however, I have almost 400 BAT tokens just chilling in my browser that did not transfer, and that I cannot access? I have the latest update for brave, and I have contacted Uphold twice and they said to come here. Please advise how to fix this issue so that my full reward total is synced and sent to uphold. Thank you


hello? anyone? bueller…bueller? Is this really that difficult to address? I literally have 400 BAT that I cannot access for over a year now.


I also have the same problem and I tried contacting them I wrote up reports and they still haven’t gotten back to me in three days, I also created a topic like you still no reply, I really hope they fix this soon

This customer support is horrible they never get back to you I’m going to stop using brave i used it because it had the advantage of paying ad money but that can’t even pay me the full amount, tried contacting support and nothing been waiting for a week and a half for a response.

Indeed. Finally got a reply, but no resolution. One wouldnt think this would be so difficult. Everything was fine until we were forced to use uphold smh

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Exactly never thought receiving the right amount would be so hard oh well it is what it is just not going to use the browser

I start to wonder why this issue, which I experience as well for 4 months now, doesn’t cause a bigger outcry.
For many people it is a lot of money and many of us downloaded and used brave because we wanted to support the idea.

Seriously, I am starting to becoming evermore disillusioned.

Try updating to the latest version of Brave. They just released a version that is supposed to fix this issue.

Hi all, please update to 1.22.67. Thank you.

If the issue continues please DM me your wallet id. Thanks.

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