Reward is not credited to uphold wallet

I have uphold wallet fully verify and already link to brave browser my brave browser balance is 9.7 but not credited to my uphold account balance why :question: please fixed this


I’m still waiting as well?

Hi @Christoper - did you receive?

Hi @steeven,

I have the same problem. I posted about it in another thread. If this is an Uphold issue I can work with their support but I tried disconnecting and verifying again but no rewards are showing up in my Uphold account.

I should also mention that rewards in my Uphold account are reflected in my Brave wallet but the rewards in my Brave wallet do not sync back to Uphold.

I have no balance receive until now

I have a similar problem. My BAT rewards that are viewable in my Brave Browser are not transferring to uphold. Verified uphold around 15th May, contacted them and they said it’s fine their end and must wait for Brave to make a transfer. This post perhaps most accurately describes the issue, but it is closed without a resolution made public. Please help me fix this.

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