Is there any other way besides Uphold to retrieve my BAT from my browser wallet?

I have waited for 19 days and still have only been transferred a fraction of my BAT wallet to Uphold.

I’ve lost $290 in value while waiting for my BAT, and watching more go away every day. I just want my BAT.

Unfortunately our only option is the criminal exchange uphold

that really sucks. I can’t say I would ever want to be tipped BAT, considering how hard it is to get what belongs to me.

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Hi @378,
Uphold is the only option at this moment in time. Other methods will be added soon.


I’m probably dreaming here, but a Coinbase Pro (or even Coinbase) option would be great.

We want WazirX as an option for all Indians :india:

While I appreciate your response to this question, I would be much more interested in you answering why my BAT has not been transferred well after 20 days. A question from my post made at the time.

Why am I unable to get my own BAT?

If anyone is having issues with BAT not transferring to Uphold - This is a known issue that’s being investigated and updates will be posted here - Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet

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