Is there a way to organise mails and sync my chrome to brave

The thing is brave is great overall but the thing is, when i open the browser sometimes all my saved bookmarks and passwords are gone. i definetly would like to sync my passwords to my gmail so i can use saved passwords anywhere. So is there a feature that i am unaware of there isnt any feature to sync brave passwords to gmail. Rather than the sync chai, why not have a feature like syncing to the mail.

Expected result: have a syncing feature that has sync to gmail/mail

Brave Version : V1.35.100


Back up your Bookmarks file, manually

Mac / Windows routines - in a Brave window, go to:


Locate the three-dot Menu button — possibly near the Search (Magnifying Glass) icon, upper-right area of the Brave Browser window.

Click on that button, and select “Export bookmarks”


Try 1Password:

PS. Today (Feb. 9, 2022), I learned that

“A kabob menu is the 3 dots in a vertical line like the image below. On the iPad it may just be a regular hamburger menu (3 dashes).”

Desktop site by default option - #4 by Adge



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