No Google synchronization!

Google synchronization is not available in brave:

When I use Chrome browser, I wouldn’t need to remember a hundred of passwords and bookmarks if the app was reinstalled, but when use brave browser feeling like everything from zero!!
So brave is a very excellent browser which I’ll switch to, if Google synchronization be in!



Windows 10, brave latest:


Hi, I couldn’t find the right search term in Google for “Google Synchronization”, but Google & Brave are two different things and even Google Chrome.

Brave offers “Sync” that you can find in the burger menu at the top right. Is this what you were looking for?

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I think what the OP is stating is that with Google passwords/bookmarks are synced to the cloud (authenticated by gmail credentials)

No way, to do this with Brave.

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Brave has a synchonization, but you need the second device.
For me this is uncomfortable too, but this is good for security and privacy.

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Yep, I see brave sync…
But it’s still uncomfortable as you said…

Do you want google sync insofar as you want to be able to Sync your google account information with Brave information in general? Or do simply want your data that you currently have in Chrome imported into Brave?

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The first one, as in Chrome

It’s unlikely that you’ll see anything like this implemented in Brave as it would require several (and likely continued) network requests to Google servers which, if you haven’t noticed, we don’t really like doing.

That said, in future releases Brave Sync will include additional data types to be synced across devices (other than just bookmarks as it is now). You can import your Chrome data in to Brave at any time using the Import Bookmarks and Settings feature.

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Anyway, that’s a good news.
Thank you for supporting :heart:

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