Is it posible to transfer ad block stats from Brave Browser into a new computer?

Im about to change my Mac with a new one. I installed Brave in the new computer but even tough I activate sync in both, I cant see the Ads and Trackers Blocked counter (that showed when open a “New Tab”) keeping the number I have in the old computer. Is there a way to transfer that into the new computer? maybe I only need to copy one file or something?


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Hi @kcire,

Welcome to community! Yes, if you want to port over your stats you can follow these steps:

Navigate to /Users/[their user name]/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default. Grab the Preferences file, copy it, past and replace in the same directory on your new computer.


Hi Steeven

Thanks a lot! it worked like a charm!

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