About Brave stats and how to clear them?

Hi Brave ones, it would be nice to clear the stats on the Brave home page. Is there a way to do this? Like, it would be nice to see a weekly status or a monthly status. Karen

Unfortunately there is no way to do this in the UI. If you’d like to reset them manually, you can do so but it does take some digging.

You’ll basically have to go into your user data folder (~/.config/BraveSoftware/BraveBrowser/Default), find the Preferences file, open it up with a text editor or JSON viewer. You can then Ctrl + F to find entries for ads_blocked and bandwidth_saved_bytes and set their values to 0.

Thank you for answering quickly! I failed to mention that I’m using a Ubuntu distro, so the files were a little different than you showed, but I got there in a similar way that you suggested. The thing that worked for me was going in the Brave Software file as administrator and deleting the numbers directly after “ads_blocked” and “bandwidth_saved_bytes”, and puting “.0” in their places and “saved” the file. There was no “value” to set to zero in my case. I had to restart the computer, and wa-la, it worked! :slight_smile: Karen P.S. I actually have two linux computers, one (Linux-Lite) which I had to go into as administrator, but Unbuntu worked just getting into the files. :+1:

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Happy to hear that did the trick!