Toggle in Settings>Appearance for tab display mode

Currently, switching tabs between the old-school-tab-tabs to the new-school-button-tabs required users to go to brave://flags/, find the #brave-horizontal-tabs-update flag, toggle that and restart browser.

The old-school-tabs has some usability advantages that I believe some users will continue looking for:

  • less vertical real-estate,
  • no margin at the top of the tab, giving the user the perception that they can click the tab when the mouse is right at top of screen, and
  • subjective visual preference.

Could we have an option under Settings > Appearance that toggles this setting?

I full heartly support your request, good fella.

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I also agree with this. I posted before that the new tabs take too much space and less of the webpage is visible while they are available:

Link to the image comparing new and old tabs displaying the same webpage. Old tabs take less space and more of the webpage is visible, as well as more tab text is visible on the old tabs:

The conclusion in the new tabs are nothing but a fad and eye candy, they are inferior in all aspects and bring nothing positive to the table.


I third it and in dark mode it’s even more unusable, especially with a large amount of tabs.

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Petition to revert this change entirely, as it has no benefit from a UX standpoint.

A tab should be visually connected to its contents, instead of just floating about somewhere. The idea is it represents a manila folder from the real world. It helps tie the title of the content together with the content. This redesign achieves nothing and is entirely meaningless and confusing to people that aren’t used to browsers already. Please, change it back.


+1 to this petition.

An option for the ones who want the mozilla/proton ui but by default the former design… pleaseeeee

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+1 as well. Really dislike the new design and would consider changing browser entirely, would this become the default without an ability to change it.