Is the view of the "Brave Feature Requests" section broken?


I wonder if the view of the “Brave Feature Requests” section is broken.

The default (Latest) appears to be identical with “Votes”.
Only when I click on “Activity” the posts appears in chronological order.

Thanks and greetings,

Good catch — went ahead and adjusted the sort order and should now be sorted by latest created.

Thank you

But it is fixed only for the parent section “Brave Feature Requests” not for “Desktop Requests”, “iOS Requests” or “Android Requests”.
Or is that only the case for me?

You’re right but I’m not sure what the deal is as I made the same changes in the subcategories as well.

Will take another look. Thanks again for calling it out.

Now it seems fixed for “Desktop Requests”, “iOS Requests” and “Android Requests”.
Just not yet for the parent “Brave Feature Requests”.
But we’ll get there! :wink:

You’re welcome!

Looks like it’s set properly on my end for all categories?

The order in “Brave Feature Requests” is still a bit messed up for me.
The subcategories, on the other hand, are now well sorted.

Should be sorted by time updated (Activity) now: