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Request features you would like to see implemented on the Android platform.

Feature Requests Posting Guidelines

Topics that belong in this section:
Post in this category should be specific to implementing desired features that would improve Brave Browser as a product. If you have an opinion on the browser , please post it in the Feedback category.

I’d also like to remind everyone that these are requested features. Please do not make demands - they sound childish and will not be responded to . Additionally, just because a feature is highly requested does not mean that it will be implemented .

Please remember to be respectful.

Search for Duplicates
Given the amount of reports/request we get each day, there’s a good chance that someone else may have raised the issue with us already or may have been resolved. Before posting, use the search bar on the top-right corner of the website to see if other users have raised the same concern.
Note: The search is pretty good - good use of keywords (pertaining to your issue) and sorting the results by “latest” is generally a good way to start your search.