Do 'Brave developers' even read 'Android Request' section?

A lot of times this question bothers me. Do Brave developers even read ‘Android Request’ section?
A lot of useful feature requests have been added by the users and only a handful of the replies are visible from the Mods!
Not a single feature like extension support, external downloader, bottom search bar, speed dials has been added so far!
Is Android even a platform that is under consideration? @Mattches

Hello, as a user, I understand your frustration. Even simple optional features like external download never really implemented.

IMO, maybe no. Depsite being world biggest operating system, Many Android user don’t use their browser. They are relying on native app. Google, Author of the android itself build their own ecosystem to native app. So it’s hard to dive all in to Android. Because most of the websites just end up ask you to install their own app instead of let you to use it on browser.

But, Brave keep working on Android. You can see here, they push many bug fixed and features on each update.

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To answer the question directly – yes, we do review them and discuss them across teams. Please remember that, as it says in the Feature Requests guidelines, just because a feature is requested does not imply that it will be implemented.

I assure you that these Community sections are not ignored.


I am really happy to hear that. It’s just that I always felt, developers always give more priority to iOS and not android.
That’s why I posted this.

Also, I don’t expect that the Developers should implement each and every suggestion/request by the users. But some of these features are so On Point that they will definitely take Brave Browser towards more popularity.

Thanks for the reply @Mattches