Is the Brave browser encrypted?

I currently use the Firefox browser, and it has a privacy filter on it that encrypts all of my browsing. The urls of all of the websites I go to have https in front of them. But when I try the Brave browser, it does not do that – there is no https in front of the urls in the Brave browser. Does that mean that browsing on the Brave browser is not encrypted?

Probably what you’re seeing is that some browsers try to save space in the URL bar by ‘hiding’ repetitive elements, such as ‘www’ and ‘https://’ and so on.

The main thing you want to look for is the small padlock in front of the URL.

If you really want to see it for yourself, you can click into the URL bar and press ‘Home’ for example; or, press Ctrl+L to select the URL bar content, and you should see the full string.

There are some settings to control this if you wanted to change it but that’s the default behavior.

@JimB1 is probably right here. Additionally, you can go to Settings → Appearance and set the browser to always show the full URLs in the address bar:

The URL of this thread with the option turned off reads:

Same URL with the option turned on:

You’re right – I opened the brave browser, went to a website, and there was a little padlock in front of the URL. Then I clicked in the URL bar and pressed “Home”, and it showed the entire URL with https in front. So that means that the Brave browser is encrypted! Yay! That’s the first piece of information I would need to make the switch from Firefox to Brave. I’m sure glad that Brave has a community forum like this, so that a clueless ignoramus like myself can find these things out and not be quite as clueless as before. Thanks