Brave isn't so secure/private?

On my windows PC, even in a private window or tor, Brave sometimes records the URLs as seen when I start typing a URL it knows I’ve been to before!

This is not good. The whole purpose of using private browsing is not to record history and that includes the URL storage!

I’ve seen many other people have the same problem and seemingly Brave developers are aware but no solution. I found the solution… uninstall!

uhhh…you can turn this off in the options

Yeah and when you do, some URLs seep through and still pop once you start typing!

Have tried uninstalling, removing all left overs and reinstalling, and it still saves some URLs! There’s no pattern, I can see, to the ones it saves but it does save them!

Hello @Lwdcourt, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please try disabling the following options brave://settings/appearance > Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar and let us know if it works for you. Regards.

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