Is this normal behavior for the padlock


When I go to a site now like is it normal to see first:
then after clicking enter
it goes from a padlock that looks unsecure for a second
to this view:

shouldnt i see the padlock?
if i click those icons next to it it says:


but why don’t i see the padlock at all times?

@ionizer a lot of it is all in your settings. For example, I choose to show full URL. As such, I just look to see if it’s http or https.



Also if you look in your Shields settings:

Global Shields:

Individual site settings for Shields:


You can set if it ONLY connects sites in HTTPS, if it just attempts to upgrade to HTTPS, or if it doesn’t care.

As to why they aren’t showing the padlock, not quite sure. This is something I’ll ask in terms of their preference for design. But I suppose with Brave kind of defaulting to HTTPS by default, it’s not necessary for the average person.

my concern is my browser was maybe hijacked b/c why wouldnt i see the padlock instead of that weird open circle line stuff?

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