Widevine should be removed

We should not be forced to install Google’s Widevine.

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Widevine is supported because DRM contents and some users will need it when they access DRM sites like Spotify, Prime, etc.

If you don’t use it, you don’t need to install it. The browser never force user to install it CMIIW.


I understand the browser doesn’t force us to install (like the fox browser does, by installing without asking).
What I meant was we should have ways to watch Netflix, HBO and so on with OUR OWN accounts without having to install anything from Google.
Maybe this would be more a website owner thing than the browser, I don’t know, but the browser could help us.

Apologies, but this just isn’t possible at this time. DRM software is an entirely separate suite of software that browsers themselves typically do not create. As @eljuno said, you are not forced to use Widevine, but at this time if you want to watch DRM protected content, it is what is required.

Note that all other browsers use similar approaches.

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