Does Google Now Have Access to the Videos I Watch When Using Widevine?

Brave, or whomever, forces me to use this service. No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to escape Google’s prying eyes.

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Widevine is the primary digital rights management (DRM) options available. Essentially sites like Netflix or whomever implements it will have all of their content 4encrypted and it can only be unlocked using the encryption key that is provided through DRM.

The primary purpose is just to protect content. Like if you go to Netflix and go to watch something and then you want to do a screenshot or recording, Widevine will interefere and the video will show up blank. So yeah, it’s there to try to restrict piracy and all.

As to privacy aspect, I believe the browser tends to prevent tracking through it and does a great job to protect you. That said, I know you need to use Brave with Tor to truly get the complete privacy and tracking protection. There have been studies to say that using Widevine does create a unique identifiers which could make fingerprinting easier. So I guess if nothing else, would say just enable when you need it and perhaps use it in Tor mode if you’re going to be overly concerned. But overall Brave tends to prevent any issues.

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