Is it possible to restore previous version of Brave for features that were lost?

It used to be that with Brave you didn’t have to worry about history being deleted automatically, but as many are finding out, that is no longer the case:

Is it possible to revert to an earlier version to avoid this auto-deletion of history?

Hi @Keenwaa,
You can find older versions of Brave here:

You could also try adding an extension for this added functionality.

Thanks! Do you know which is the last version that did not auto-delete history?

Do you know if Brave will add an option to prevent history from being deleted anytime soon?

We do have an open issue for this. I’ve added plus one to it on your behalf.

For the version - not entirely sure, I’ll have to get back to you

Great. Will look forward to it being added.



Any update on when history will stop being deleted?


Any new updates here?


Hi @Keenwaa,
Unfortunately, I don’t have an update. I’m going to close this thread.
You can follow this issue here on GitHub.