Is Basic Browser History Functionality Still Missing in Brave?

I’ve found a few people on here have asked about why their browser history mysteriously started deleting itself with one of the updates.

Unable to download or export browsing history - #6 by aaarrrron. I had the same exact questions as @aaarrrron and found it suspicious that history was suddenly disappearing beyond roughly 90 days without any notice and hard to access

It seemed however that an brave update for one user @Dryad seemed to restore his history:

I have not been able to have mine restored despite the updates. Is there anything I am missing as to how it can be restored/stop being deleted?

As far as I’m aware of this is the expected behavior. The browser will only remember the last 90 days of browsing history.

Should have same behavior with other Chromium-based browsers as it’s inherited from Chromium.

@eljuno - expected meaning not a bug? I think it caught everyone who used their history off guard since it was implemented out of the blue last year. Basic feature in firefox etc was to be able to set the history storage cache amount - does Brave have that in the pipeline?

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I’m having the same browsing history issue (Accessing Browser History) as only can access my history from the current year - I can’t believe something so basic is so messed up on brave. This make me want to ditch this browser and return to FF or give a try to Opera

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Yeah, I prefer Brave for a few reasons but unless the basic history functionality is restored I’m going to have to head back to firefox myself

Is this in the pipeline to be added anytime soon? @Mattches

This is expected functionality – it is not a bug. This is how all other Chromium based browsers operate with respect to saving history as well. While we may change this sometime in the future I cannot say when or if that will be the case. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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