How to keep History, until i want to clear?

Hey, i want to keep the browser history until i decide i want to get rid of some, but as i can see it only save the history for around 3 month, but i found an old post that say it keeps it for ever, so what am i missing here ?

The post i found it in:

So that one cant be true, the history in my browser should be way way older, the oldest history entry is from Wed 13 May 2020.

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Hi @DudeSicko,
In regards to the history not being kept past a certain time frame - I believe this is the expected behavior from the underlying Chromium engine. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Hmm, i thought the Chromium were open source, and there for well open to people to modify them, or contribute, so is it not just a matter of changing the part that deletes the history?

I never got why there should be any expiration date on this, its not that the lings go bad like food, and there are a way to delete the history for those that want, but no way for people to keep them, seems a bit odd, there should be an option for people. hmm.

Sounds like a good feature request!

Thx, will hope it shows up some day.
For now i mark the “good feature request” as solution, and thx :slight_smile:

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