How to keep history from auto-deleting?

I have been trying to get a handle on Brave’s desktop history settings for some time.

For some reason my history is being automatically deleted past a set time frame - roughly 90 days - and there does not appear to be any setting to keep it indefinitely or specify an unlimited amount of storage that can be devoted for it. In other browsers (ie Firefox) I’ve been able to set this in the history settings. Does anyone know how to change this?

Additionally, Is it possible to sync history from mobile and desktop devices?


Does Brave really not have a setting for this? One of the most basic features of browsers for years now was to be able to customize settings and set time frame or memory allocated for storing. This is extremely frustrating to not have and probably will force me to give up on Brave if not added

Sorry for the delayed response.
To be honest, I’m not sure why your data would be clearing after 90 days – there is no Brave feature that does this to my knowledge. You can see any/all history by going to Menu --> History. You can set data to be closed On exit, but I do not believe there are any in-built feature that can do this on timed intervals.

Also, apologies, I’m a little confused – are you saying that you want the option to do this action? Or is the problem that your data is being cleared after ~90d of use and you want it to stop?

Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to get the history to stop deleting. I noticed that when I searched my history to find pages I’d visited they were no longer coming up. I then scrolled back through the entire history (pg down key for about 20 seconds) and it stopped at roughly 90 days. Each day it loses the prior day, so it maintains the same amount.

Other browsers have a setting where you can set how much memory you want allocated for cache. Is there anything related to this that could be a potential fix?

This is the version I’m using:


Unfortunately I don’t believe there is any way to remove this functionality at this time. This is the default behavior of Chromium based browsers – you’ll see this same behavior (as far as I know) on Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, etc, unless they’ve built some custom functionality into it (which does not appear to be the case).

Got it. So to be clear from your earlier comments, this problem of history deleting automatically is unique to me, and not usually the case with Brave? In other words, if I uninstall and reinstall Brave, it might solve the problem? (I’m also assuming if I copy my profile before uninstalling I can add it back once I’ve reinstalled it).


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