How do I transfer my BAT Wallet and Brave Stats?

At some point I am going to wipe my PC and reinstall windows, I have everything I need ready to be moved except my BAT Wallet, which is unverified, and my Brave Stats which I am quite proud of using Brave long enough to have 1,145,411 trackers & ads blocked, 6.80 GB bandwidth saved and 15.9 hours time saved.

I cannot find any option to move this data and as far as I am aware sync does not do this. My phone’s stats and wallet are separate even though they are using sync. And I don’t think I can find any on system file containing this info that I could just move over when I reinstall in about a weeks time.

Any help would be appreciated as even though its not a big feature the stats reinforce the reason I have chose this browser over others.
Thanks! :gift_heart:

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