Use Brave saved passwords in IOS apps (IOS KeyChain)

It seems there are several posts about the issue - so let me just sum up what I am trying to do here.

  1. I use Brave Browser on both my Windows Desktop and my iPhone.
  2. I have setup a password sync chain and that works just fine between the two devices.
  3. I would like to use the passwords saved in Brave in other iPhone apps - aka iOS KeyChain feature.
  4. The iOS keychain works fine with other app (my old Chrome passwords, KeePass, Apple’s own) but does not show Brave as a source.

So it seems that this does not work out of the box which is sad. Manual copy paste between the Brave password list and an iPhone app is not a good solution.

What are my options here?
(Maybe I could do some kind of sync of passwords from Brave to my KeePass database).

We have no options yet. This is something I’ve been griping about and hoping they will fix. But for now, Brave isn’t recognized by iOS and therefore can’t be used for autofill purposes. Ironigxally, you can view your passwords from within Brave, but kind of is pointless if can’t be used for autofill purposes.

This is just because of how strict Apple is in gatekeeping.

But how about the sync part - could it be possible for me to sync between Brave → KeePass

Well other browsers can do it.
Firefox on iOS can do it. Chrome can do it. Vivaldi can do it.

I’m not saying that it’s trivial to implement. I actually have no clue. But it’s not like it can’t be implemented. This has been possible for years at this point and apple is not locking third party password managers out anymore.


It is a highly important feature if we can sync passwords between brave and ios keychain

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