Is Sync for bookmarks done and fixed?

Is Sync for bookmarks done and fixed yet? I been waiting for a few years for this to work smoothly for the ability to sync my bookmarks from my laptop to my phone.

If this is not done and fixed, is sync a priority?

Yes it is a priority. We’ve implemented several fixes to Sync – if you’ve been waiting for a “few years”, then I would recommend trying the feature out again.

After I scan the qr code from my desktop to my phone, stuff clocks, but no joy.
Tell your Devs that “not scaring the customer” is an extremely stupid reason for not showing progress messages as a complex operation is progressing. I have nothing to tell you about why it isn’t working for me. Don’t even THINK about asking me for a screenshot. Do you LOG things about setting up sync on your side? Hmmm…