I see rewards worth 21.5 BATs in my brave rewards but when I linked a Zebpay account its shows 0 BATs, how to make that transfer? Or did just lose them? and also I had some in uphold is it possible to make that transfer to Zebpay?

I am seeing brave rewards worth 21.5 BATs in the rewards section but I cannot see these rewards transfered when I linked to Zebpay. I am from India I previously held some BATs in an Uphold wallet, is it possible to transfer those bats to a Zebpay wallet?

I am using with Windows 11 and brave version

I recently linked to Zebpay, facing problems with the transfer of earned BATs in the browser.

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I think brave can tell us the easiest and simplest way to get our rewards from our wallet.

When did you connect your profile? If recently, this is likely working as intended.

The deadline to connect vBAT ended on November 2nd. vBAT is longer considered valid, and will be removed from the Brave Rewards experience. This means that even if you’re on an old version of Brave that still shows a vBAT balance, that vBAT can no longer be redeemed after the deadline.

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