History disappearing

Description of the issue: History beyond a certain point is automatically deleted
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. On the History page use the search feature to try and find a site you’ve visited in the recent past. e.g. A site I visited 3 weeks ago is nowhere to be found in History.
  2. Many sites visited are no longer in history and do not autofill in the address bar when you type them in.
  3. Scrolling through history is also impossible. It just keeps jumping back to the top of the page when the scroll bar reaches the bottom.

**Expected result: All history should be retained. **

**Brave Version( check About Brave): V1.38.111 **

Operating system: WIndows 10 Home. All latest updates.

Additional Information: I have disabled and even removed all extensions and the issue persists. These are old issues which have been reported since 2020 and should have been fixed by now. Development priorities seem to be out of whack with this software.

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@quantumhorizons ,

The last reply, there:

That has nothing to do with the issue I’m experiencing. Sites visited 3 weeks ago have disappeared from history and search bar autocomplete. I’m absolutely sure they weren’t opened in an incognito tab and I don’t use different profiles.

Not exactly relevant to the issue here, but why does Chrome show me history from over 6 months ago if Chromium browsers are limited to 90 days of history?

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