iPhone iOS brave app update crash

are there any updates on this? it’s been nearly 2 months since this thread was opened.

No updates at this time — I will ping some devs and see if I can get any information.

just updated to 1.48.1 and the brave app is still unusable…

my phone (iphone 13) is running on ios 16.3.1

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This is also happening to me.

Have used Brave for a year or so with no reliability problems.

Since 1.48.1 also on iOS 16.3.1 (iPhone SE second edition) Brave crashes randomly.

I have tried resetting the browser and deleting and reinstalling the app.

I’m having to use another browser, and hope that next update fixes, though no mention in the release notes that I can see.

When does it crash to you, when browsing websites?
Could you share crashlogs with us? here’s sample instruction from Firefox, should be similar for our app https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/firefox-ios/wiki/How-to-get-your-device-logs

screenshots of my most recent crash log

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just updated to 1.49 and the brave app is still unusable.

my phone (iphone 13) is running on ios 16.3.1

Same here -crashing continues regularly on 1.49, iOS 16.4.1, iPhone SE 2020.

Crashes consistently even when just scrolling down a page, reading.

Happens so often I have had to move to another browser.

Any update on this? It’s almost been 6 months since I’ve been able to use the app

Hi guys. Any news yet on this crashing issue? I came here looking for answers. Kinda distressing as I’ve grown to like Brave very much! But Brave on my iPhone just does NOT load at all. I get a white screen for some seconds, then immediate crash.

Hope this issue will get resolved soon! Thank you Brave devs for all the hard work you put in! :slight_smile:

For everyone here who is having iOS crashing, it will be important to get crash logs. Ideally they should be able to be uploaded through the browser as they are on other OS. And if not that, should have option to upload on a support ticket. However, those options don’t exist at this time. So what you will have to do is go through a couple hurdles of saving the logs, changing them to .txt, and then upload it here.

Instructions are at PSA: Current FAQ - #44 by Saoiray

Beyond that, let me also tag @Mattches and @michal as I see they haven’t followed up here since Michal shared how to get crash logs on March 21. I see that @alyssasch shared screenshots of their logs on March 25.

Hopefully they can look into it and try to provide some sort of update here when they get back after the weekend.

1.49.1 appears to have fixed. Can’t see anything in the changelog that references. Maybe removal of old iOS support?

@R56 it may also be because iOS did some updates. Are you now using 16.4.1? I know when iOS went to 16.4 it broke some features in Brave, such as Shields. Then went to 16.4.1 it fixed what it broke. That was without Brave having to do anything. There’s always way too many moving pieces in apps, programs, and operating systems that can cause headaches.

In any case, you’re saying no longer crashing, right?

But I think it still is crashing for @alyssasch, @Little_Piglets, @Cankles, and maybe @Starsurf10 if they are all still around? Have seen only a couple of those reply lately and would like to know status of OP, if they are even still using Brave.

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Thanks for your reply @Saoiray , so far so good for me - no crashes but only started re using brave since this morning.

Yes I’m now on 16.4.1.

I hear you re many moving pieces :-/!

Thanks to everyone for their help on this. Great browser :slight_smile:

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Yes I’d also like to know if anyone here is still seeing these same browser crashes (please update to both the latest Brave build and iOS version before testing)?

Sadly yes, I spoke too soon. Though it doesn’t seem as regular as before.

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My brave does not even start looks like it’s opening for spil second and then disappears.

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