IPhone 6 App Crashes

Been using Brave for months on my iphone 6 for several months without a glitch. Today it just keeps crashing as soon as I tap the icon. IPhone software is up to date. Last Appke update was like a month or so ago. I did a soft and hard reset on the phone to same problem appearing. Trying to avoid having to delete & reinstall app because I dont want to loose all my saved searches which I keep as a file.

Brave will crash, but if I do a double click it appears as a background app up and running. Then if I click on it it just tries to come up for a second then just crashes again and again.

Any ideas? What happened overnight?

Thanks for reaching out to us. This is the first I’m hearing about the issue – let me ping iOS team and see if they know what’s going on.

iOS Brave team is in contact with iOS…Apple, team to see about an ETA on a fix for this. Sorry I can’t give a more exact date but I hope it helps knowing that we are working on it.

Yeah, we have a fix for this, but as @Mattches pointed out, we aren’t sure exactly when the fix will be released. We are hoping this week though. Sorry, I understand this is absolutely frustrating / annoying.

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I just tried the app at 6:30pm PST. It came up with a oops crash message and then loaded up well while restoring all search data. It seems to be working normally now.

Thank bunches… :call_me_hand:

Are you guys set up (like say Google Chrome)to create an account so if I had to delete the app and reload it or xfer to another iPhone that I can just log in for it to repopulate my search page history? If so how do I do it because the little Brave icon on the upper right when using the app doesn’t give me any such options for creating that type of a saved account?.

@davey369 We do have the ability to sync bookmarks (and thus restore them in the above situation). We are working to add other data too (history, passwords, etc).

You can find this by going into the main app settings and finding “Sync”

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@davey369 what is your iPhone’s language and region if you don’t mind me asking?

You can check it in general settings->General->Language and region

Hello…sorry for the intrusion.
It happened to me that since I changed the language on my iPhone the Brave application crashes continuously becoming unusable. Could it be a common bug? I read on Reddit that other users had the same problem after changing the language.
Thanks in advance

I have an iPhone 8 with Brave Browser version 1.15 (
Thank you very much

Can you say:

  1. what was the initial language set?
  2. What did you change it to?

I think Italian to English or English to Italian

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