Brave black screen when opening, does not load, then crashes

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Description of the issue:

i cannot open the brave browser on ios. my previous ios update was 15.5, didn’t open, then i updated to the current one (16.4.1) and it still didn’t open. all i have is a black screen (i use the dark mode) and then it crashes, closes, then returns to the home screen of my iphone. my tabs are about 1.3k+. it was just working earlier and then it started crashing. i updated the brave browser earlier too, but i don’t know if it’s the one causing the crash. i tried everything, even offloading the app. long-pressing the icon and clicking new tab does not work either. i do not want to redownload it as i have too many important tabs open in the browser, and i don’t want to lose them. PLEASE HELP.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:
i just want to be able to use brave browser again. i don’t want it to crash anymore!!!

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
iPhone 11
iOS version 16.4.1

Additional Information:
this is what the screen looks like when i open it:

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when i tried to screenshot the black screen, brave loaded for a few seconds with the homeoage and the pop-up that says brave crashed and “would you like to recover your tabs”? when i clicked yes, it froze for less than 5 seconds before crashing again and then. closing itself, returning to the home screen of my iphone. when i clicked on it again, it returned to the black screen. what do i do???

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Same thing happened to me today! Totally worked fine this morning on iOS 16.3.1 and now it opens to a black screen and closes to Home Screen after a few seconds.

Brave version: 1.51
iOS: 16.3.1

Exact same thing here. Try to open the Brave browser from my Home Screen. It opens to a black screen and then the browser closes after a few seconds. Totally worked fine in the morning yesterday, but stopped working a few hours later.

iOS: 16.3…1
Brave version: 1.51

Does anyone know a fix?

The same thing happened to me. Opened the browser in the morning and worked just fine.

Opened the browser a few hours later to a black screen and then it closed out after a few seconds.

iOS version: 16.3.1
Brave version: 1.51

Does anyone know of a fix besides uninstalling and reinstalling? I have a ton of bookmarks that I’d like to not lose!

Same exact issue here! Worked fine yesterday morning and then stopped working a few hours later.

iOS: 16.3.1
Brave: 1.51

Is there a fix beyond uninstalling and reinstalling as I will lose all of my bookmarks.

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