iOS Sync Won't Work "Sync Communication Error"

Problem Description:

I have successfully been able to start a sync chain between my laptop and desktop which run Windows 10 as an operating systems. When I try to add my iPhone to the sync chain however, it shows the next screen and then immediately backs out to settings. After some time a dialog box opens with the title “Sync Communication Error” with the description reading “The Sync Agent is currently offline or not reachable. Please try again later.”

I have exhausted every avenue that I can think of to fix this on my own. Can someone from the community please help? I can provide pictures/video of the problem upon request. I would just need to obscure the private information contained within the QR code/Words.

Things I have tried:

  • QR code and text based methods to add my phone to the chain

  • Restarting the browser

  • Restarting the phone

  • Restarting my computer

  • Updating to iOS 15.01

  • Updating Brave in the app store

  • Updating Brave on my computer

  • Adding while on WiFi

  • Adding while on my cellular network

  • Trying at different times of day/week

  • Looking through my iPhone settings to see if some privacy/security feature was blocking communication.

  • Looking on Brave’s support documentation

  • Looking on Reddit and Brave Community forums for a similar issue (Only found Android related problems)

Devices info:

Model: iPhone 11 Pro Max
iOS Version: 15.01
Brave Version (PHONE): 1.31.1 (

Edition: Windows 10 Pro
Version: 21H1
OS Build: 19043.1266
Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0
Brave Version (COMPUTER): 1.30.87 Chromium: 94.0.4606.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)



I have the same issue:
the sync on IOS version stops to work.

Just like reported by @user423379 I discover this when going into settings > sync: the screen briefly (half a second) shows the sync, then goes back to the setting main page.
I don’t have an error message (unlike @user423379)

After this behavior, if I go back to settings > sync, then the app offers me to join a sync chain or start a new one: the previous sync is gone for good like it never existed.

I tried the same things @user423379 reported, and in addition to those, I tried to remove/reinstall the IOS app.
In spite of all this, the issue is still not fixed.

I can report the sync on my chain however to work fine with Brave installed on Windows 10 and macOS: only the IOS doesn’t stick in the sync chain.

I can replicate the issue:
if at day 1 I make the IOS join the sync chain, then the next day when going into settings > sync, this behavior described above happens.

I am also on IOS and I have the feeling that the sync was working very well in previous version (ie: version

I hope this thread gets a bit more response and attention so this can be resolved.

Same I am having the same problem here and I cant sync on my compute |
Windows 10 Pro

broooooo i have the same problem just right now
tf is wrong with brave
i have alot of important stuff that i need to make on my laptop

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I have the same issue. Following for resolution.

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I get this too.

Also get sync not even working on iOS anymore as it connects but instantly stops syncing, and I often get this error message.

Sync seems really broken lately.


Same issue here on Iphone 12 iOS 15.0.2 but it did work on my 6th gen Ipad iOS 14.6