iOS issues: Not blocking ads & no synced passwords

Description of the issue:
(1) Passwords saved in Brave don’t appear after syncing to iPhone
(2) Pop-ups and other ads are appearing despite having Brave Shields up. If I turn off Scripts, then it breaks the sites where videos and images can’t load. With Scripts off and everything else on, it will have ads in new tabs and all on a regular basis.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Download Brave onto iPhone
  2. Sync the Brave browser with existing Brave account
  3. No passwords, no option to sync passwords as had been on desktop & android
  4. Go to websites like or
  5. Get bombarded with ads on the page and pop-ups every time you try to load a video.

Expected result:

Expected result would be:
(1) Everything would sync as it had been doing with my old Android and desktop. Be able to access my usernames and passwords at least
(2) For ads to be blocked, rather than seeing pop-ups every time I start to scroll down a site or click to start/pause/fast forward videos.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.33 (

Mobile Device details

iPhone 13 Pro Max
Software Version: 15.2

Additional Information:

At this point in time, I’m having to resort to using Safari with AdBlock Pro. It’s not 100% efficient but it is working MUCH better than Brave is in its current state. I’d much rather have been able to log in, sync, and use the browser here on my iPhone much as I have been doing in the past. Heck, even without the passwords, to not have to deal with the pop-ups and all. My hope is y’all can walk me through something I might be missing or that the team developing and maintaining the iOS version will be able to make some corrections.

Not blocking popups on my android mobile phone either

same problem here. i try to watch shows on and the pop up new tab ads get through. it doesn’t happen on my laptop, only on my phone.