iOS: ads are not being blocked anymore

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Description of the issue: Before, every time I went on certain websites, ads would never pop up but for some reason they have been popping up every time. It seems like it started this week.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Going to websites that have pop up ads like
  2. Scrolling though a website
    3.clicking on something pops up an ad

Expected result:
Usually no ads would ever even pop up when going on The most they would do would show a little box with a “close” button on top but the ad itself would be invisible.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
iPhone XR
Additional Information:
This is really annoying and I’m only bringing this up because before, ads weren’t a thing with brave.


If you have not already, try:

Enable the following 8 items at

Settings >> Brave Shields & Privacy >> Clear Private Data:

Browsing History
Cookies and Site Data
Downloaded files
Brave News
Playlist Offline Data
Playlist Media & Offline Data
Recent Search Data

and then click on “Clear Data Now” and then “Yes, Delete”

Quit / Close everything, and then:

Restart your iPhone, following Apple’s guidance:”

@Tr123 they say that they are working on it but currently there is no way to block everything. They do have a block an incredible amount of things but there are limitations when it comes to iOS. Just so you can see in the links below it’s one of the staff members here who commented to say that they can’t block everything but they do have a Github going and it’s a work in progress that will eventually be as good or better than Android and Windows

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