Ad blocking and pop-up

Am I only the one facing ads and pop-ups in my ios device or is it with everyone else?
Tried to rate and give feedback but brave doesn’t care.

Brave does care. Not sure where you are saying about rate and feedback, but guessing just in the App Store. Just so you know, @fanboynz is one of the primary people who makes adjustments and tries to handle adblocking for Brave. Often you can use Brave Community to report sites and he makes adjustments.

That part said, he also has informed us that we’re limited on capabilities with iPhone. I’ll quote you two things from him below:

I am hoping that Brave can figure out options for iPhone better than they do now, but it sounds like they are kind of limited based on the restrictions and capabilities of iPhone iteself. Just like how Apple won’t let us earn BAT from ads either.

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