Sync passwords not working in IOs?

Description of the issue:
Passwords don’t sync from desktop to iOS
How can this issue be reproduced?

Enter the code or QR code on iOS then and if you try to login to anything that you have the passwords of on desktop, the passwords are not there and you have to re-enter everything

Expected result:
Brave browser on iOS doesn’t sync and have the passwords from brave desktop version

Additional Information:
I’ve read about how people don’t have this feature for 3 years! If chrome could do it then so can brave, i believe that brave could easily implement this and it would be extraordinary as brave already seems like the perfect browser for me and i think passwords sync would be amazing.

@Figmo They have announced passwords don’t work with iPhone and all. The only sync options there at this time is for Bookmarks and History.

It will hopefully be figured out sometime in the near future, but there’s no promises. Unfortunately this has been in the works for a little over 3 years now, as can be seen by the comment at How to access iOS saved passwords? - #2 by Asad (which I guess you referenced in your Additional Information)

Just so you know, this part that you posted in is for support. What you’re doing is making a suggestion. So would best be over at #brave-feature-requests