Is Brave even blocking ads on iOS?

Seeing how there is no mention of ads anywhere in Brave for iOS I have a weird suspicion its Brave Shield isn’t even blocking actual ads on iOS. It seems like it’s only blocking trackers that happen to serve ads, but not ads themselves like Brave Shield does in Windows. Is that true or am I just imagining things?

You are imagining things :upside_down_face:

You can easily test this on any site. I’ll use as an example:

  1. Visit
  2. Observe the website with Shields up
  3. Tap the Shields icon in the address bar and use the main toggle to turn Shields “off”
  4. Allow the page to refresh – observe all the ads appearing on the page

Was testing today, apart from the empty spaces. no ad images and plenty of ads and trackers being blocked.

I’m actually having a big issue with Brave on my iPhone. Various sites are having pop ups or pop unders whatever you want to call them. This is happened on various types of websites but in particular the one that I was visiting the most is and and

I tried toggling all the different settings to where I fingerprints was allowed or not allowed, cookies were not allowed or not allowed, turning off Scripts, and all sorts of other little things. The closest progress I made was to turn off scripts but then the chorus that prevented me from seeing videos or even opening images.

Now I do know that those are some of the more challenging types of sites to be able to filter through but it also was occurring just on regular internet searches and even reading news. Is quite amazing to see just how inefficient the brave browser has been on iOS compared to Android.

Many of the streaming sites are using randomised adservers domain names, which can’t be blocked easily on IOS.

I see your Github links but I don’t understand anything from it. If I were to focus on your direct reply about it using “randomised adservers domain names” are you saying there’s nothing that can be done? I was looking to see if there was talk of changing settings or downloading things, but I didn’t see anything clear or specific. I also noticed that the talk of scriplets and all were from July of 2020, so more than a year ago. I’d hope things have changed and more information available since then.

(Btw, I opened up a thing at iOS issues: Not blocking ads & no synced passwords prior to seeing this post. So one part was addressing ads like this one, other is asking about why my saved passwords aren’t showing up in Brave on iOS. Is there no way to export/sync saved passwords from Desktop/Android to iPhone?)

@fanboynz definitely appreciate a follow-up on my prior comment when you get a chance. Trying to figure out if you’re saying just out of luck, if is a work in progress, or what?

And again, I’m kind of confused about articles that are most two years old that you would link to above. It wasn’t talking about downloading anything or saying that it’s an issue that couldn’t be overcome. I’m going to be the first to admit I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed so I may just have to have you dumb it down for me a bit

Its not possible to block every randomised adserver on these streaming sites, and these are changing weekly, scriptlet injection would help here on ios (similar to how we and uBO does this on the desktop).

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