Ios Issues, Features not working Not secure?

Many features not working

  1. Address bar moved to bottom, no option to bring to top.
  2. HTTPS has weird glitch whereby you get a red exclamation point as page loads then it turns to the https lock , afterward? I subscribe to Brave VPN also.
  3. Exported bookmarks to reload app exactly as directed to iOS files as html, followed import directions, error message = Import failed?
  4. Cookies that I have deleted-and closed tabs, reappear consistently (I have never synced with another device)
  5. Brave community is Not sufficient to answer your questions, most topics close quickly and very few real solutions.
  6. My impression Not as secure as you would think and very glitchy.

You can find this option in Settings —> Tabs

Can you tell me if you see this same behavior if the VPN is disabled? I’m curious as to whether or not the issue is VPN related or if its specific to the built in HTTPS feature in the browser.

This is a known issue that the team is working on — issue can be viewed here:

Can you share some example sites/cookies that exhibit this behavior so that I can test on my end? Additionally, how are you going about clearing/deleting these cookies?